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Bureau for Intellectual Property



A brilliant idea?
Deposit it in the correct envelope: i-Envelope

You have made a computer program. Marvelous! But… before you know, someone else may run off with your programming code. Of course, you will have to prove that you were actually the first to think of it. Impossible? In fact it isn’t.
From now on you can establish the date of creation in a simple, rapid manner and at low cost, making use of the i-Envelope of the Bureau for Intellectual Property.

Backing of a public body
The Bureau for Intellectual Property is the official authority in Curaçao for legal protection of Intellectual Property rights. That implies that every person who makes use of the i-Envelope may set his mind at ease and can refer to an official organization that guarantees authenticity of the contents and the date of receipt.

However, let us look at it in a simple manner.
Although the i-Envelope gives a guarantee to a certain degree, still you cannot attribute any right to it that it does not carry. By no means whatsoever does the i-Envelope give you an autonomous intellectual property right. It does not protect any idea that cannot be protected as such.

So take the following into consideration:

  • The i-Envelope does not give you protection like a patent does. Such formal protection is given only to a person who observes the legal procedures and formalities for registration of a patent.
  • The i-Envelope does not give you the right to claim benefits that may arise from the Copyright Act. The fact that you kept a couple of pictures of an object of minor importance in an i-Envelope, does not give you a right to claim copyright on that object. For it is originality that is considered to be the criterion for copyright protection.
But then what is it that the i-Envelope offers?
The i-Envelope offers the possibility to establish the date of creation and also your quality as the author of a creation. This is important if you want to claim in court that your creation was made first.

It works in a rapid and simple manner.
An i-Envelope is a special envelope that consists of two parts. The client takes two identical documents and puts one in each part of the envelope. A maximum of 4 A4-size sheets can go into an i-Envelope and the envelope must not contain any hard objects that can make perforation impossible. He will return both parts of the envelope to the Bureau for Intellectual Property. As soon as the parts of the envelope are received, the Bureau for Intellectual Property will perforate them with the current date and time and an identification number; then one part is returned to the client. The other part will be kept in the files of the Bureau for Intellectual Property for a period of five or ten years. This period may be prolonged without limit, each time by five or ten years. It is recommendable to keep the returned part closed, in order to keep its contents a secret.

You can afford an i-Envelope
You pay only 200 Antillean guilders for a period of five years or 250 Antillean guilders for a period of ten years. A relatively small amount, if you realize that an i-Envelope provides you with an effective weapon to protect your creation from its very commencement. At a later stage, once your ideas have crystallized and developed into a product or invention, you can register your creation, thus obtaining an industrial property right. Click here for an application form

Payments can be made cash, by cheque or by means of a deposit with MCB on our account number 130211603 in the name of the Bureau for Intellectual Property.

 Please click here to contact us for more information. 

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