A brilliant idea?

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The i-Envelope is a legal proof that your idea or creation belongs to you, the creator, and is issued with date stamp for each new submission. Even though, the i-Envelope grants creators the legal means to prove authenticity of their creation, it does not provide the intellectual property rights.

The Bureau for Intellectual Property as the official authority in Curaçao for legal protection of Intellectual Property rights recognizes the i-Envelope for the duration of 5 years paying ANG. 200 and ANG. 250 for 10 years.

The i-Envelope introduced by the Bureau of Intellectual Property Curaçao gives creators of ideas peace of mind in knowing that an official organization guarantees authenticity of the contents and the date of receipt.

The i-envelope does not provide formal patent protection nor does it grant the idea creator the right to claim benefits arising from copyright Act.

It provides an effective way to protect your creation from the start. As the creation or idea develops into a products or services, creators can obtain industrial formal intellectual property rights (e.g.: trademarks and patents).