Valuation of IP Assets

Valuation of IP Assets

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Nowadays, calculating the value of your IP asset or assets is not unusual. While intangible assets do not physically exist, they are still highly valuable due to the potential revenue they represent, and therefore increase the value of your company.

An intangible asset like brand recognition has its value in people remembering your company and then wanting to buy your products. Thanks to brand recognition, the consumer will most likely choose to buy your product instead of another whose brand is not as recognizable as yours. Consequently, calculating the value of your brand recognition is imperative once it has been formally protected either through trademarks, patents or copyright.

While none of these assets have a physical aspect, they clearly do provide a future financial benefit—but only if protected and taken care of. Therefore, intangible assets are often one of the key factors contributing to S&SME success or failure, depending on the business’s ability to effectively exploit its intangible assets and value risks.

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