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The days of buying DVDs, CDs and records are almost gone. Today we live in a digital world where the content of these goods is digitally available to us online. The same applies to services like banking and insurances.

Certain goods and services have been completely digitized in this digital economy. That is why Intellectual Property is perhaps the most neglected, yet highest value-bearing component of E-commerce. Technical security is necessary to deter the less experienced hacker. But intellectual property rights are there, for instance, to protect your business against potential disclosure of trade secrets and the resulting unfair competition. Hence, disclosing these rights before having filed for protection of that property is a common mistake.

That is why if you ever plan to start your E-commerce business, please consult our office at Berg Carmelweg 10-A. Call us at 465-7800 or e-mail us at [email protected] before disclosing anything pertaining to your intellectual property, and make sure that your E-commerce business is properly protected.

Furthermore, many small entrepreneurs tend to disregard protecting their intellectual property, maybe due to a lack of (proper) information or for financial reasons. Others might be postponing this move until their idea proves to be a success. But unfortunately, by that time it is usually too late.

Intellectual property in E-commerce is serious business. We recommend that any content placed on your website be something that you own or have the express permission to use. If it is in the public domain you may also use it. Otherwise you might be violating the intellectual property rights of others.

Curaçao has IP laws in place that can help you stop violators. And at the Bureau for Intellectual Property of Curaçao, we can also inform you about protection abroad.

For Startups & Small and Medium Enterprises, we offer a one-time free consult.