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I’ve created an app,…now what?

You’ve just created an app for use on mobile devices and don’t know what your next step should be? This is very common for anyone who creates new works for potential client groups. Your creation is unique and you believe in its success, so you will want to protect it against any unwanted use. In fact, you’ll want to use it only for the purpose it’s been created for.


BIP (Bureau for Intellectual Property of Curaçao) helps protect the creations that originate from the human mind, also referred to as intellectual property. The areas of the intellectual property rights consist, among others, of Copyrights for the protection of literary, artistic or scientific work. Trademark rights, for the protection of distinctive signs for goods and services and Patent right, for the protection of inventions.

Now, to answer your question about your new creation of an app for mobile devices, you most likely need to follow these steps: *coming soon*

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