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Bureau for Intellectual Property

About Us

The Bureau for Intellectual Property, BIP, located on Curaçao, is proud to serve the community in taking care of trademark, copyright, and patent registration and by promoting the importance of protecting intellectual property. We do so by offering excellent and fast service, and by giving as much information as possible about the different aspects of intellectual property.

After 107 years as a government office, BIP has become a public corporate body on the 29th of November of 2000, whose primary task was to register trademarks and patents in the Netherlands Antilles for private persons, domestic and foreign companies.
This was carried into effect on the basis of the National Trademark Ordinance of 1995, the National Trademark Decree and the Patents Act for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. BIP gives legal advice in the field of copyrights in accordance with the Copyright Ordinance of 1913.

BIP is established on the island of Curaçao as a national organization, and as of October 10, 2010 provides services to Curaçao.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of several parts, which are linked under a legal framework laid down in a Charter, of December 15 of 1954.

Curaçao is geographically located at the southwest end of the Caribbean or at the northeast end of South America.

Curaçao is an autonomous equal partner in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has her own jurisdiction for intellectual property rights.

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